PUR RF33752V2 Faucet Mount Replacement Filter vs PUR Advanced Faucet Water Filter: Which One is Best?

Pur Basic vs Advanced

To keep you healthy, one has to drink purified water. As we all know, nowadays everything including food, air or water is affected by pollution. It is a big thanks to water purifiers that we can drink fresh, healthy water which is protecting us and keeping us safe from all the unwanted impurities that are present in water. There are many types of water purifiers with different technologies like RO, UV and UF water purification technology.

Let’s talk about PUR faucet mount replacement filter, it works as per the basic filtration process and provides clean and healthy water. It works on MAXION technology. Its exclusive premium carbon filter is certified to curtail, some ratio of mercury, lead, chlorine (odor and taste) and many more contaminants. This water purifier also removes 99% of the trace levels of pharmaceuticals. However, some beneficial fluoride is not left behind by this machine.

Just like the basic one, this PUR advanced faucet water filter is equipped with MAXION technology. It is a better version of its next generation. It is easy to install, removes contaminant expeditiously and also provides a two-year warranty. It includes installation instructions for the customers so that they can install it themselves. ANSI/NSF or state standards do not certify pharmaceutical reduction. Pharmaceuticals may or may not be in all users’ water. The filter of this water purifier removes 99% of lead and 96% of mercury contaminants, along with other impurities.

And this article, we are going to talk about these two water purifiers which are PUR faucet filter and PUR Advanced water purifiers. Although both the water purifiers are equipped with the latest technology, it depends on the consumer’s preference and usage that influence their choice. We will be comparing both the water purifiers in all aspects and then rate them on the basis of their performance, features and price so that you can decide which one is the best PUR water filter as per your needs and requirements.

Features of Both the Water Filters

Feature 1

The capacity of providing filtered water and reducing contaminants, warranty.

PUR faucet mounts replacement filter – It can provide 100 gallons of filtered water, or before any need of replacement, filters last for at least 2 to 3 months of typical use. It has a capacity of reducing over 70 contaminants especially, lead which gives a crisp taste to the water. This product does not have any warranty.

PUR advanced faucet water filter – It can also provide up to 100 gallons of filtered fresh water. This advanced water purifier does not only remove lead but also mercury and many other contaminants. This product provides two years warranty which is much needed if you look at the customer’s point of view.

A customer will think before buying the basic water purifier. Since it does not include a warranty, the customer would feel unsafe after its purchase.

Winner: PUR advanced faucet water purifier

Feature 2

How to install a PUR water filter and advanced filter, the process of how the filter works.

How to Install Pur Water Filter

PUR faucet mounts replacement filter – No installation guide comes along with this purifier. A customer may not be able to install this purifier on their own. However, the process of changing the filter is easy and any PUR faucet filter easily gets fit. Some useful and advantageous minerals are left after filtration of the water like fluoride, which is good for our body and sustainability. It absorbs and traps the contaminants in tap water in each PUR water filter.

PUR advanced faucet water filter – Proper installation guide comes along with this water purifier which informs the customers about all the features related to the product. It is very easy to install and includes an electronic change filter indicator. The life of the filter of this purifier is around 2 months, rest it depends on your usage. It removes all the contaminants and leaves all the beneficial minerals needed for our body. It keeps the water balanced and original. The activated carbon filters are made up from coconut shells which along with the steam are ‘heat treated’. This generates pores within each grain of carbon, further creating tiny spaces and tunnels.

Winner: PUR advanced faucet water purifiers

Feature 3

Size, Technology, weight, material, and price.

PUR faucet mounts replacement filter – The product dimensions include a length of 5.3 inches, a width of 2.7 inches and a height of 5.6 inches. It is equipped with MAXION technology and weighs 10.2 ounces. It comes in multicolor and has a plastic body. It has a price of 24.99 USD and is reasonable if you compare it with the advanced water purifier.

PUR advanced faucet water filter – The product dimensions is 3.2 inches of length, 7.3 inches of width and 7.7 inches of height. It is also equipped with MAXION technology and has a weight of 1.15 pounds. It has a chrome body. It has a price range of 65 USD and is quite expensive.

Winner: PUR faucet mount replacement filter

Final Recount

On the basis of the above difference in features of both the products, the winner is PUR advanced water faucet water purifiers [2/3].

Pros and Cons


PUR basic water purifier is affordable than bottled water when the price is considered. The water after being filtered is of great taste and quality. It saves up to 1000 USD per year if we compare it with bottled water.

PUR advanced water purifier is compatible with all standard faucets and sinks, as it consists of the 360-degree swivel. It also includes an electronic change filter indicator. It is easy to clean and maintain. Due to its Mineral Clear, which filters water over natural minerals to retain the refreshing taste of water? Its easy one-click installation makes it easy to replace and remove.


PUR basic water purifier removes some beneficial minerals which are good for our health. PUR advanced water purifier is not compatible with the pullout or handheld faucets and the range of this purifier is a bit high.

Final Verdict

As you have already got to know that the winner is the advanced water purifier. This purifier provides a wide range of features as well as has a better performance as compared to the basic water purifier. It is not that the basic purifier is not worth it, it is equally good enough for the customers who are not looking to buy an expensive purifier and want a decent purifier which keeps the water clean and crisp.

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